May 23, 2008

Don’t judge a (musical’s) book by its cover

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Here’s the progression of forming an opinion without actually seeing a show:

When you hear the title of the new musical “White Widow: a sicilian musical passion”, you might think it sounds silly. After that, you might think that poking fun at said musical may not be a great idea, since it sounds like something Christopher Moltisanti might be producing, and insulting it could lead to a date with the East River and a pair of cement galoshes. But then you look at the press release and realize that it’s based on a play called “Mafia” by Italian playwright Mario Fratti, who also adapted the book for the Broadway musical “Nine.”

Does this mean the show will be good? (more…)

August 13, 2007


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Mary Jane Wells in ‘Transit’
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The Stage Left Studio, part of the Midtown International Theater Festival
review by Naneh Israelyan

‘Transit’, written and performed by Mary Jane Wells, most definitely moves at the speed of a train in motion—except that the train stops are entirely unconnected. The journey was almost as if I was transferring from one train to another so often that keeping track of the storyline (more…)

July 15, 2007

Review: Spitting in the Face of the Devil

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‘Spitting in the Face of the Devil’
John Montgomery Theatre Company at The Kraine
review by Naneh Israelyan
Spitting in the Face of the Devil
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In a compelling performance, Bob Brader, or Little Bobby as referred to by his family, animates for the audience the story of his childhood through the upbringing of his abusive father. Bob Brader enters the stage to announce the death of his father and thereafter slips into a simple wooden chair centered in the middle of a simple wooden desk—and at this desk Brader draws the audience into his childhood through the magic of storytelling.

Virgin Checker – Live

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This has to be a first – the show My First Time, where people tell stories about making the beast with two backs (and other positions, we imagine) for the, yes, first time, gave away tickets to virgins on opening night. Thinking of going and downplaying your sexual prowess in order to get a freebie? Well, they’ve got that covered with a psychic.

Here’s a tip to get in: we bet if you show up in a Darth Vader costume, they’ll believe that you’re still a virgin. (THANK YOU! TRY THE VEAL! TIP YOUR WAITRESS!)

This sounds very sketchy to us, but all in fun just the same. And probably the first time this has happened (not even David Merrick would have done this… OK, maybe he would have).

The cast and producer/creator Ken Davenport also rang the closing bell at Nasdaq the other day. Clearly this show is the most important thing in town. Anyone seen it? Any virgins get denied entry? Any non-virgins slip past the sniffer? Email us and let us know.

My First Time

July 6, 2007

Oh Crud Its July Already

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The Eighth Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF for those who like acronyms) starts on July 16, which is, like, way too soon. Not for the festival, but July wasn’t supposed to happen until June was over. And June is… wait a minute, June ended already. Oh yeah, the fireworks. July 4th. Independence Day. Excessive heat. Stupid calendar.

Anyway, its festival time again. So come on people! Smile on your brother and sister and cousin and go see a show!

Full release with the full schedule for the FULL FREAKIN’ FESTIVAL (!) follows…


Purposeful Theater that Matters

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Well, that’s what the title says. And we’re suckers for titles. This one isn’t an all time great but it definitely makes you think IMPORTANT, even if its ironic. You know what? We have no idea what the show is about, we haven’t seen it. BUT with a title like that… how can you not???

Read on…


May 30, 2007

PRETENTIOUS and proud of it

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Brick Theater. A festival. No more need be said. Of course, there is more to know, but based on what you have just read (to repeat: Brick Theater. A festival.) you should have already bought tickets to every event that you possibly can. Read on for details, so you know what you’ll be seeing (now that you, y’know, have already bought your tickets).

Women Center Stage at The Culture Project

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You’ve come a long way baby… Well, not if I’m making comments like that. Lots to do here, read on:


W O M E N    C E N T E R    S T A G E   

F E S T I V A L   2 0 0 7







New York, NY – Culture Project (Allan Buchman, Artistic Director) has announced the schedule for its upcoming 2007 WOMEN CENTER STAGE festival (WCS), the annual multi-disciplinary event featuring women artists whose work calls attention to human struggles globally – June 25 – July 17, 2007.


February 12, 2007

Like, Whoah, in Brooklyn

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A quick update on Point Break Live!: it’s in Brooklyn. This somehow seems appropriate.

Point Break Live! info (

Justin Bond shows you he can talk

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If you like Kiki and Herb, you probably like them separately. Or so one might think. Justin Bond, one half of the dyspeptic duo, is doing his TALK/SHOW, where he, you know, talks to people on stage. Guests on 2/19 include Daniela Sea of ‘The L Word’, John Cameron Mitchell of ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’, and Debbie Harry of FREAKIN’ BLONDIE (if you didn’t know that you are not worthy). Not bad for $15. Joe’s Pub, see below for details.