April 30, 2008

Well at least someone is making money

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Exxon. Record profits. Fuckwads.

NYU is really annoying

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You know what, NYU? Stop knocking down buildings. What possible reason would you have for re-doing the Provicetown Playhouse in the Village? It’s a historical site. Leave it the hell alone.

Mandy Patinkin in THE TEMPEST

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There’s a joke to be made here but I don’t know what it is yet. Well, I do. But it’s mean. It has to do with Mandy’s bizarre past behavior. Anyway, he’s doing the Shakespeare play at CSC. (source: BroadwayWorld)

April 29, 2008


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Bridge Over LandReview of Bridge Over Land

A Triptych written and directed by Gilbert Girion

By Stefan Matthew

Through May 10

Click here for tickets

People come to art events with their own idiosyncratic references, associations, semblances in order to make meaning of the soon to be unraveled spectacle. People come to death events and such events’ transference to realized and unrealized acts of intimacy with the same laundry list (peep actor Josh Liveright as Math Professor Michael in the third installment “Number Land” and his inability to move his feet “glued” to a spot on his ex-student’s lawn). I came with my own list anticipating a work on mourning and melancholia; specifically, the depiction of hell in Hieronymus Bosch’s Millennium Triptych painted in the 1500’s and Amiri Baraka’s explanation of the modal insistence and pointillism of Miles Davis’s 1959 recording Kind of Blue.

Brecht once said, “I’m writing this down because I like precision” so let me go into a bit more detail.