March 20, 2008


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Every Girl...Review of Every Girl Gets Her Man

Written By Emma Sheanshang

Directed By Michael Melamedoff

By Stefan Matthew

Despite Jouissance Theater’s program-notes proviso that “there is no ‘outside’ to the text,” during my viewing last Sunday of this highly entertaining, visually enthralling glimpse into the dating lives of five beautiful New York women, my mind ventured outside. To Germany of all places. One of the aphoristic, didactic Geschicten (stories) in German Marxist playwright Bertolt Brecht’s collection—Stories of Mr. Keuner fits right at home with this charming dramatic exposition on the absurdity of dating in New York City. It’s about ideal types, ideal objects of desire, painterly objects of desire. I couldn’t help but think of this fragment while watching the cast execute perfect dialogue to discuss the travails of Margot and her mercurial, never on stage, painter boyfriend Tristan. (Brief aside and admission—Sarah Wilson, who plays Margot in the production beats every crush I have ever entertained including Lisa Bonet, Cristina Ricci, Alyssa Milano, and Punky Brewster). Brecht:


March 7, 2008

Midtown Fest Script Deadline Extended

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Attention aspiring writers: You have more time to get your words in to the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Read on:


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If you’ve ever wondered about doing commercials and how much bank you can make, Show Business Weekly has some answers for you. One guy has done over 2800 commercials. That’s a lot of pretending you like some stupid product.

Congrats to Ken Davenport

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Off Broadway Belasco Ken Davenport has been named one of “40 under 40” by Crain’s NY Business. It’s nice to see someone from theater, much less off-Broadway theater, be included in a grouping like this. Congrats, dude!

We’re back and we’re cranky

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OK, so we’re back to yell at you about theater and other entertainment crappola.
Part of the reason for the hiatus was the fact that we get an insane amount of comments that are spam. Such as this one:

Name: Anonymous | URI: | IP: [deleted] | Date: February 18, 2007


Google is the best search engine…

Why the hell would Google be spamming our site? We’re not saying it is Google themselves, but there’s no other link in the spammy post. So again, we ask, what the hell?
Anyway, onwards and upwards.