June 30, 2006


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It’s not a warning, it’s the title of a play. Based on the film of the same name, it’s from the Hourglass Group, the company that did Mae West’s play SEX a few years back.

Stage Adaptation of 1932 Film Classic Makes Leap To Off-Broadway

“Yummy… smooth as silk” – New York Times
“Plays like a million bucks.” – Time Out

Hourglass Group in association with True Faux Productions (Christopher Atamian and Hillary Knill) bumps its critically acclaimed new stage adaptation of TROUBLE IN PARADISE to an Off-Broadway contract for an extension through July 22nd at the Hudson Guild Theatre. Conceived & directed by Elyse Singer, this adaptation of the 1932 Ernst Lubitsch film of the same name and screenplay by Samson Raphaelson is written by David Simpatico and features an original score by downtown jazz veteran Steven Bernstein & the Millennial Territory Orchestra.

Brilliant Traces

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A revival of Cindy Lou Johnson’s play BRILLIANT TRACES, which was originally produced by the sadly defunct Circle Repertory Company. Those who are doing the reviving (veracious reflection theatre company) have a few words to share about why they are doing it. Read on:

by Cindy Lou Johnson

First presented by New York’s prestigious Circle Repertory Company,
this richly imaginative absurdist allegory used fantastic and often
outlandish situations and characterizations to probe into the nature
of modern relationships, both sexual and otherwise.
“Brilliant Traces is kooky, weird and definitely off-kilter, but if
taken in the right spirit, illuminating about how we live today.” — BackStage
“…deals with common issues of love and family, and does so with
characters, story and dialogue so fantastic that they could exist only
within the enchanted realm of the stage.” — NY Times
“Brilliant Traces is one of those plays in which a man and woman
battle it out in a small enclosed space, alternately repulsing and
seducing each other.” — The New Yorker


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Food for Fish
Wouldn’t that be… fish food? Okay, okay…

In FOOD FOR FISH, young Bobbie drops pages from his novel into the Hudson River. The pages tell a story of three sisters: a stalker, an agoraphobe and a scientist with a secret plan to isolate and eliminate the gene for love. It is set in a world where men became women and women became men. But how far do you have to bend a gender before it breaks?

July 6-8, 12-15, 19-22, 27-29, 2006 at 8PM ° Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street NYC (btw 3rd and 2nd Avenues)

$17 / $10 with student ID ° special $10 previews July 6, and 7 ° tickets ° www.theatermania.com or call 212-352-3101

There’s also a nifty web page here.

June 29, 2006

Men Eat Mars Bars While Touching Their Penis

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This is our new favorite title for a show.

Isaac Byrne, Jennifer Slack-Eaton, Jared Culverhouse: nytheatre voices Interview

June 28, 2006

If only the publicist had been there…

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…maybe Axl wouldn’t have sunk his teeth into a security guard.

Axl Rose to pay guard he allegedly bit

“Catarina Oscarsson, a spokeswoman for concert organizer Ema Telstar, said the band wasn’t traveling with a publicist and would not comment on the arrest.”

Usually the publicist is to blame, so this time it’s nice to see them get credit. Sort of.

Axl Rose to pay guard he allegedly bit – Yahoo! News

June 27, 2006

$ELLOUT more at The Brick

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Whoo-hoo! Selling out works! We knew it! Congrats to all involved. Hopefully the next step is a Brick Theater IPO…
In all seriousness, this is one of the best off-off houses in the city. So take the freakin’ L train and get out to Williamsburg to see a show! (We’re not responsible if this happens.)

The Brick Theater, Inc. shamelessly announces EXTENSIONS of several

New York, New York June 26, 2006—With the success of this year’s
$ELLOUT FESTIVAL, The Brick Theater, Inc. is proud to continue this
year’s most artistically void summer festival throughout the summer,
with the extension of several shows.

THE $ELLOUT FESTIVAL will now continue to run through Saturday,
August 26 at The Brick Theater (575 Metropolitan Avenue, between
Union and Lorimer Streets, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Tickets for
each show are $10, and are available by calling Theatermania at
212-352-3101 (or toll-free at 1-866-811-4111) or online at
www.theatermania.com. For more information regarding THE $ELLOUT
FESTIVAL, visit www.bricktheater.com.


Nice review for The Mint

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George Hunka calls SUSAN AND GOD “a rare gem”, which is a good quote, unlike this one.

Susan and God – Review – Theater – New York Times

There’s a quote for the ad

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“Well-meaning but tedious!” – The New York Times

Shakespeare Is Dead – Review – Theater – New York Times

June 26, 2006


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Ars Nova always has stuff that looks fun. Only two shows, tickets just $15. Here ya go:

Ars Nova


With Our Lady J and
The Pink Champagne Orchestra

Featuring The Bubblies

Saturday, July 22 & Sunday, July 31 at 8 PM

New York, NY – New York, NY – Ars Nova (voted “Best of New York” by New York Magazine) presents NATALIE JOY JOHNSON with OUR LADY J, THE PINK CHAMPAGNE ORCHESTRA and THE BUBBLIES on Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 31 at 8:00 PM at Ars Nova (511 West 54th Street).  All tickets are $15.

Sing like the Wedding Singer

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This is something that could be fun, or torture, depending on your point of view. It’s a good match of content and show, though. We doubt this would be such a good idea with Sweeney Todd, but for The Wedding Singer, what the hell. Nothing against The Wedding Singer, we just think it’ll be a lot less painful for folks to hear multiple non-professional versions of one of that show’s tunes than it would be to hear a non-singer try to croak their way through Sondheim.

And yes, we know this is a Broadway show and this is offoffBway.com. We can put something up about a Broadway show if we want to. Here’s a tie in: someone should do this for off-off shows. We’d love to sing along to tunes from Who is Wilford Brimley? The Musical.



So you wanna be in a Broadway show? Think you got the vocal chops to be the star of the new Broadway musical, The Wedding Singer? Well now’s your chance to prove this by recording your own version of the show’s hit song “Grow Old With You” on ksolo.com, a new karaoke website that offers people the ability to record, play and email their own recordings of their favorite songs. The Wedding Singer is the first Broadway show to participate on ksolo.com, and is the proud sponsor of the site’s entire catalog of 80s tunes.