May 21, 2006

Performance Art: When Weird Becomes Normal

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Performance Art

The novel JackFish by J Milligan is about a hitman from Atlantis (yes, that Atlantic). The book features a character named Chloe Mitosis, a performance artist of the “outrageous” kind – huge performance pieces featuring foamy substances, people in animal costumes, images of Jesus. When reading this book (which is a lot of fun – here’s a review in the Voice if you want a second opinion), it occurred to us that the most outrageous and provocative performance art would probably be one where the person gets up and reads the Bible for three hours. Or something equally low-key. At some point, does the whole chocolate-smearing thing get old? When does the shocking become mundane?

Just a thought. Agree? Disagree? Think we’re geniuses? Annoying? Both? Leave a comment, or email us. We want to know what you think.

(Note: we don’t mean to pick on Karen Finley, or whoever those people are in the photo above. Nothing personal.)

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