October 11, 2006

This show it sounds a-crappy

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photo from
Michael Riedel reports in the New York Post that “The ax is swinging again at The Times They Are A-Changin’, the new Twyla Tharp musical based on the music of Bob Dylan.” As usual, the blame seems to be falling on the performers rather than on, oh, I don’t know, the concept itself. (Try to imagine the initial meeting for this show. “Hey! It worked for Billy Joel! This is the same thing, right? Right? Someone get Twyla in here!”) According to Riedel (and while some people don’t like him, he’s usually factually correct), the show is on their 3rd leading lady. Here’s a list:

Two from nytheatre.com

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Reviews of two shows that look interesting from nytheatre.com:
El Conquistador!, which in addition to having an exclamation point on it appears to be a ‘telenovela’-style show, “involving suspense, seduction, murder and revenge.” (Mmmm… revenge…).
Also of note: OFF Stage: the West Village Fragments, which we’ve also mentioned.

October 5, 2006

Steppenwolf at 59E59

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Years ago Steppenwolf (the theater company, not the band) used to bring a show to Broadway every year. No longer. This is a shame, since the shows were often quite good.
Now we have them back, and at least the tickets won’t be as expensive. This time they’re at the tremendously snazzy theater complex 59E59 (really, the place is a sight to behold – if you’ve never been there, go; if you have, go again). The play is called THE SUNSET LIMITED, and it stars Austin Pendleton and Freeman Coffey. Pendleton’s a nutcase (or so we’ve heard), but he’s a terrific actor, and while we aren’t very familiar with Freeman Coffey, with a name like that, how can you not at least be sort of curious? Coffey is a Steppenwolf company member, so odds are he can act. Perfs start Tuesday, October 24, details are below or check the calendar.

Chicago’s acclaimed Steppenwolf Theater to premiere
Cormac McCarthy’s THE SUNSET LIMITED, featuring Austin Pendleton, at
59E59 Theaters in October

Reverend Jen says that you’re a 10

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Rev Jen
Reverend Jen has been hosting her Anti-Slam for a looong time (we can remember seeing her at Collective Unconscious, wearing a cat suit and those ears, waaaay back in, like, 1997. Collective Unconscious was on Ludlow Street. There were no clothing stores there. Really.) Now this event has moved to Downeast Arts Center and will play every Wednesday at 8pm (see below and check the calendar for details).
What’s this about her thinking you’re a 10? Don’t get yer hopes up, dude (although she does, on her website, invite dudes to contact her). The idea behind the Anti-Slam is that, while every act is rated from 1 to 10, everybody gets a 10. (We’d prefer if everyone got a 1, but we’re cranky that way.) So whether or not you have talent, if you’ve got a yen to perform, go Downeast, young man/woman/troll.






starting Wednesday, October 4

October 4, 2006

Altar Boyz beat Satan

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Altar Boyz
OK, sometimes we’re obnoxious, but we like to give credit where its due. This is kinda funny:

Ken Davenport and Robyn Goodman, in association with Walt Grossman, Ruth Hendel, Sharon Karmazin, Matt Murphy and Mark Shacket, proudly announce that Tuesday October 3rd was the 666th performance. Passing that means the Boyz have beaten the Devil and can continue their ‘soul saving’ in New York while embarking on a Nation-wide Tour as well.

That’s amusing, it promotes the show, and even, in a strange way, will probably even appeal to the religiously inclined. If nothing else, it’s an amusing thing, and probably a first (celebrating the 666th performance, that is). Bravo!
Full press release after the jump:
Altar Boyz (2005 Original Off-Broadway Cast)
Altar Boyz Cast Album


October 3, 2006

Halloween Cabaret

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Want some singing with your trick or treating? Or just want something where kids aren’t allowed (in this case, cuz they serve alcohol)? Check out the The LionHearted Players event on October 23. Don’t forget to check the calendar. Read on:

Monday, October 23

The LionHearted Players Present:

A Halloween Special of Magic Tricks and Comedy Treats


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Makeout Session
The web site for ‘Makeout Session’ is cute. Blistex navigation elements, very nice. Not nearly enough photos of folks makin’ out, however, especially for a play that claims to be An exploration of love, and an exploration of the overwhelming question “are they going to kiss?” Well, maybe they’ll post more soon.

Makeout Session | A New Play by Kenan Minkoff