October 5, 2006

Reverend Jen says that you’re a 10

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Rev Jen
Reverend Jen has been hosting her Anti-Slam for a looong time (we can remember seeing her at Collective Unconscious, wearing a cat suit and those ears, waaaay back in, like, 1997. Collective Unconscious was on Ludlow Street. There were no clothing stores there. Really.) Now this event has moved to Downeast Arts Center and will play every Wednesday at 8pm (see below and check the calendar for details).
What’s this about her thinking you’re a 10? Don’t get yer hopes up, dude (although she does, on her website, invite dudes to contact her). The idea behind the Anti-Slam is that, while every act is rated from 1 to 10, everybody gets a 10. (We’d prefer if everyone got a 1, but we’re cranky that way.) So whether or not you have talent, if you’ve got a yen to perform, go Downeast, young man/woman/troll.






starting Wednesday, October 4