May 22, 2006

Roundabout Does off-off (kinda)

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Pig FarmPIG FARM is a play by Greg Kotis of URINETOWN fame. It’s at the Roundabout, which is not an off-off Broadway theatre in any sense of the word. We were thrilled for Greg that he made it to Broadway with URINETOWN (and won multiple Tonys, no less), and we’re even more thrilled that the theatre establishment didn’t throw him back after they saw what else he had.

Hint: you can get discount tickets for PIG FARM here.

May 21, 2006

$ELLOUT at The Brick

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The following is an email that was sent out by The Brick Theater. We like them. Help ’em out.

Friends of The Brick:

What would a $ELLOUT FESTIVAL be without advertising? Seriously, popular entertainment only exists to be a creamy filling between commercials – why should we be any different?

To this end, the Program and Festival Guide for this year’s $ELLOUT FESTIVAL are currently being constructed, and The Brick is offering low-price advertising space in both publications. Do you have a small business or service you’d like to have publicized? Anything from website design to floral arrangements to massage services to multinational corporate hegemony? If so, take out an ad at our incredibly reasonable prices! All ads will run for a full month and be seen by an estimated 5,000 attendees.

Both the Program and the Festival Guide will have a page size of 8 ½” x 5 ½”, and ad pricing is as follows:

Quarter page (business card): 50.00
Half Page: 80.00
Full page: 120.00

The absolute deadline for artwork is Friday, May 26, 2006 – it’s coming fast!

Artwork can be in jpg, gif, psd, or tiff format. For complete details and to place an order for an ad, please contact

Help Williamsburg theatre sell out by throwing us some scratch!

And please forward on this e-mail to anyone who would be interested – particularly billionaires, industrialists and tycoons.

Thank you,
The Brick