September 28, 2006

Cuz the name ‘Tennessee Williams’ sounds kinda clowny anyway

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‘Bouffon Glass Menajoree’, a parody of guess which play, has been extended at The Brick Theater. says it’s ‘sacrilege’, but in a good way (really). Anytime someone takes potshots at sacred literary cows, we’re all for that. (Real cows on the other hand – uh-uh. Don’t take potshots at those.)
Fridays @ 10:30pm starting October 13. Read on, you foolish mortal, you:

EXTENDED!! FROM … The NY Clown Theatre Festival

The Brick Theater, Inc. presents

a Ten Directions production

Bouffon Glass Menajoree

a parody of a beloved American Classic

” Yes, it is total theatrical sacrilege, and, I am forced to admit, delicious.

…sublimely funny and unexpectedly witty.”

Gentlemen callers beware: The Wingfields plume their nest with broken glass, twisted morals, and perverted minds. Each night a new audience member will get to play the role of Jim, the gentlemen caller. Tom, Amanda and Laura claim no responsibility for your hurt feelings or offended sentiments. Tennessee Williams is spinning in his grave. Why would anyone do this to an American Masterpiece?

What can I expect?

The Wingfield apartment is composed of a broken dream catcher, woven from the clotheslines of this American family’s dirty laundry, washed in the antiquated colors of a long forgotten photograph. These three bouffons invite you to be a fly on the wall as they attempt to lure a gentlemen caller for their precious Laura. Audiences take heed you just might be the one to get caught in their wickedly funny web.

What is bouffon?

Director Eric Davis says: “Grotesque in nature, often physically deformed, the bouffon is the outcast shunned by society and told to live outside of the village. On rare occasions, they are asked to perform for the pleasure of those who previously persecuted them. The bouffons willingly accept. (What choice do they have? Perform or be killed!) Thus, these hideous creatures enter the circle of society once more, light on their feet, eternally smiling with hateful eyes. Charming, entertaining and smart, they plan to take the piss out of you all!”

Who is this group?

Director Eric “The Red Bastard” Davis, Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree and Aimee German worked on the clown and bouffon inspired Deenie Nast, a multimedia comic-biography of a mega-celebrity, and in the form of Commedia Del’ arte they performed together as Arlecchino, Sister Betty, & Tartaglia at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in the original play, Saint Arlecchino. The trio of performers has worked as a group, in pairs or solo in clown and bouffon at CBGB’s, The Bowery Poetry Club, Galapagos, Parkside Lounge, The Improv, UCB, The Pit and at the monthly Kick-ass Clown Cabaret at CRS. All four of the collaborators have studied clown and bouffon with Master Teacher Sue Morrison, and have extensive training and performance history in improvisation and acting.


The Brick Theater


70 minutes

575 Metropolitan Ave.,

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

½ a block from the Lorimer stop of the L train

All tickets $10

Tickets available at the door or through (212-352-3101 or toll-free: 1-866-811-4111)

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